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What We do?

Our practice is indeed a multidisciplinary practice. We offer a comprehensive pain management program for patients with chronic pain; we offer behavioral health treatment for those who have depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other mental health problems; we also offer treatment for addiction to various substances.

Our Medical Director: Morris E. Antebi, M.D. is most certified in anesthesia, in pain management, and in addiction medicine.

Pain Management: Like any other medical condition, the successful treatment and resolution of chronic pain condition, if possible, relies mainly on identifying the source of the pain. That is where the good history and physical taken from the patient, evidence based physical examination, review of diagnostic imaging and lab workup, if applicable, and performing diagnostic interventional procedures are the basic and most important elements in arriving to accurate diagnosis.

Some of the conditions that we treat include the following:

  1. Whiplash injury that affects the cervical spine.
  2. Cervical disk disease.
  3. Cervical radiculopathy (pinched cervical nerve).
  4. Shoulder problems including rotator cuff tendinitis.
  5. Lumbar disk disease.
  6. Lumbar facet arthropathy.
  7. Lumbar radiculopathy (sciatica).
  8. Neuropathies: diabetic and other.
  9. Osteoarthritis of the knees.
  10. Osteoarthritis of the hips.
  11. Greater trochanteric bursitis.
  12. Lumbar spinal stenosis.
  13. Pain from spondylolisthesis (slipped vertebrae).
  14. Back pain after lumbar spine surgery.
  15. Fibromyalgia.
  16. Myofascial pain syndrome.
  17. Post-herpetic neuralgia (shingles).
  18. Pain related to osteoporotic compression fracture.
  19. Sacroiliac joint.

In the field of behavioral health, some of the conditions that we treat include:

  1. Depression.
  2. Anxiety.
  3. Post-traumatic stress disorder.
  4. Bipolar disorder.
  5. Schizophrenia.
  6. Marital counseling.

In the field of addiction, we provide comprehensive treatment that includes medications as well as counseling as well as in house counseling or counseling in the community. We treat wide variety of addiction including chemical dependency to many substances, gambling addiction, internet addiction, and others.

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